“Of a different nature, however is the part of Paolo, unexpectedly but delightfully a trouser role…the wonderful Kelsey Lauritano is quite composed and sings relatively mildly and beautifully. [Her] mezzo is a balm in the tumult.” — Frankfurter Rundschau, Judith von Sternburg

“Young mezzo-soprano Kelsey Lauritano sang her way to tremendous success last night with her youthful fiery sparkling timbre, balmy shaped languor, and stormy emphasis of the young lover. The duets with Jessica Pratt were exquisitely beautiful in the melding of the two women’s voices.” – Der Opernfreund, Kaspar Sannemann

“Paolo is sung by Japanese-American mezzo Kelsey Lauritano, a member of the Oper Frankfurt ensemble. She uses this evening to great personal success, which is fully deserved based on her vocal performance. Her well-executed mezzo-soprano is exquisitely suited to the youthful verve of the loving Paolo, as well as his desperation to be torn between love and brotherly loyalty.” – Klassik-begeistert.de, Jean-Nico Schambourg

“With glowing vocalization and popular coloratura, mezzo Kelsey Lauritano also thrilled as Paolo. She explored his contradiction between infatuation and remorse for his brother with great emotion.” – Wiesbadener Kurier, Silvia Adler

“Kelsey Lauritano, in the trouser role of Paolo, had great subtlety and fantastic diction” – Financial Times, Shirley Apthorp